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Cases We Handle

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Our efforts for accident victims and their families provide daily reminders that anyone can face sudden tragedy or a life-changing personal injury. With this perspective, we do everything possible under the law to restore hope for your future — covering many costs along the way and requiring no payment unless we succeed in winning financial compensation for you.

Your lawyer's skills and credibility can make a tremendous difference in the outcome and duration of your case. 

Our personal injury attorneys are seasoned professionals who command respect when negotiating with an insurance company or fighting for you in court. We will not let the insurance company take advantage of you.

Whether you live in Baton Rouge and want a proven local attorney, or in a smaller community where our firm’s reputation can be an even greater asset, contact us to schedule a free consultation. We can assess your legal options and the likelihood of success.

We are experienced in cases involving:

Lawsuit Process Videos

Types of Insurance Coverage

Locke Meredith & State Farm Insurance Agent, Bill Barkas discuss:

• Types of Insurance Coverage

• Class Action Lawsuits

Medical Videos

Locke Meredith & Doctor Daryl Peterson discuss:

• How Health Insurance is Affecting the Practice of Medicine

Locke Meredith & Ned Martello, DC, discuss:​

• The Process of Chiropractic Treatment

Locke Meredith & Dr. Jorge Isaza, discuss:

• The Diagnosis & Treatment of Spinal Injuries

Locke Meredith & Dr. John Clark, discuss:

• Brain and Spine Injuries

Locke Meredith & Physical Therapist, Jason Greene discuss:

• Physical Therapy Treatment

Lost Wage Experts

Locke Meredith & CPA, Greg Ellis discuss:

• The use of Economic/Lost Wage Experts in Trial


Locke Meredith & Vocational Rehabilitation Expert, Louis Lipinski discusses:

• The use of Rehabilitation Experts in Trial

Call 225-272-5555 Now for Trustworthy Legal Counsel

Our law firm maintains comfortable, easy-access offices near the parish line, rather than downtown. If you need help with transportation to medical appointments or therapy sessions — or other special services — we can be a dependable resource for managing those challenges.

Great careers in the law are built on truthfulness and hard work. Believing in our cases and assembling the facts diligently — with the help of an extensive network of quality medical professionals and experts — enables us to speak with authority on our clients’ behalf. To discuss what happened and what we may be able to accomplish for you, please request a free consultation with a personal injury attorney in Baton Rouge.

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