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Client Testimonials

At the Louisiana personal injury law firm of Locke Meredith, Sean Fagan & Associates, we strive for positive results. Our legal team is dedicated to serving individuals and families in need.

Our reputation for integrity, and relationships with qualified medical experts and investigators, are additional key assets for our clients.

Contact our office today for a free consultation. Here’s what a few of our clients have had to say:

“Locke Meredith has been my attorney for 30 yrs. His staff is very courteous and very professional. Any time you need to speak with them you get answers right away.” — Terri S.

“Everything met expectations. Firm was nice and friendly.”—Tiffany C.

“This was my first time needing help from an attorney. I was referred to Locke Meredith, Sean Fagan & Associates and from the beginning they were open and honest about everything. I am truly blessed that I came to this firm. I want to say “Thank You” from the bottom of my heart! I would recommend Sean Fagan and the firm to anyone.” – Todd S.

“I can not begin to express my gratitude for the help and the confidence as well as KNOWLEDGE I have gained with working with this company. I mean I was really getting low balled due to my ignorance with laws and guidelines. Finding them was the best move that I could have made. Mitchell Meredith was my lawyer. He is very thorough, made sure I understood ever step as well as any and all moves that were being made on my behalf regarding my case. He called to check in on me, really made me feel like family. I will not forget to mention how hard he fought to make sure I received top dollar for my case. Will be using them in the future.” — Rhonda J.

“After calling several law offices regarding our case, this law firm was a true Godsend for us. Our thanks to Mitchell and Collins Meredith for their support and professionalism handling our worker’s compensation case for the last 2 years . They were always available, concerned and willing to help each time we called with questions. This personal injury firm made us feel as though we were very important and gave advice and information to us regarding situations and problems we never even thought to bring up. We would strongly recommend this law firm if you have any legal matters as their integrity is beyond reproach.” — Robbie R.

“The attorneys were courteous and acted in a genuine and professional way. Will be recommending them to my friends AND family!” – Lenora A. 

“They always asked if I was ok. Everyone was helpful & kind.” – Kadeisha S.

“I am so grateful to have had the experience of working with Locke Meredith, Sean Fagan & Associates. I have had prior attorneys that were good, but these guys went from good to great. Especially Mitchell Meredith, who handled my case. I was more than amazed in the sincerity of them handling my case… to be truthful, overwhelmed with gratitude. I recommend them highly. This is Pastor Charles Taylor. Thanks attorney Mitchell Meredith for everything.” – Charles T.

“Collins Meredith did a great job on my case. He kept me informed throughout the entire process. Very trustworthy and honorable. 5 stars.” – Hooper P. 

“Excellent group of people to work with! Work hard and met all of my expectations. Definitely would recommend to anyone needing legal services!” — Jessica F.

“My experience was great. The attorneys and staff went beyond any and all expectations. Truly God sent.” – Jerry B.

“The attorneys and staff is very professional and showed compassion for our situation and truly meant the world to us!” – Albany E.

“The attorneys and the staff are The Best. My case was settled in a Timely Manner. They showed great hospitality. I would recommend this Law firm to all my family and friends.” – LaQuanta B.

“Great people to deal with! Highly recommend them!” – M. Kieel

“I was injured in a work accident and went with a different law firm, but felt like a number. I asked around and was told about this group. The attorneys and staff were very patient and respectful throughout the entire process. I highly recommend them!” – Betty K.

“My attorney was very very professional in handling my case. I would recommend this law firm to everyone!” – Michael D. 

“I did not expect to get nearly as much as I got. I could not have asked for a better group of people to work with!” – Jessica F.

“I highly recommend these guys! The attorneys knew what they were doing and I could tell right away. They kept me informed and they got me more than I expected. 5 stars all day long.” — Joshua D. 

“Big shout out to Mitchell Meredith for helping me out recently. The attorneys at Locke Meredith & Associates are very knowledgeable and helpful. Much appreciated!!” – Sabre A. 

“I highly recommend this injury firm! The attorneys knew what they were doing. They kept me informed and they got me more than I expected. 5 stars all day long.” – Josh D. 

“Everyone at this firm has been nothing but helpful. Collins Meredith and Mitchell Meredith kept me informed throughout the entire process and got me much more than I expected. I highly recommend them!” — Tayler N. 

“The attorneys and staff were very knowledgeable. They kept me in the loop throughout the entire process and they were also very firm with the insurance company. They were all very professional. I highly recommend them!” — Rose H.

“Always felt comfortable and just as important as a multi-million dollar client. My experience was as perfect as possible!” – Jason T.

“Great team. A very trustworthy guy who was looking out for my best interest from day one. He never once tried to give me the “run around” and was very honest with me.” – Mason B.

“My experience was better than expected. I could not have asked for better service.” – Bree H.

“Great Lawyers!” – Cory H.

“Couldn’t ask for better.” —Tracy H.

“Sharon is a wonderful person. She was so helpful and understanding. Thank you for everything!”—Jennifer G.

“Appreciate you honesty & integrity. Very helpful in answering all my questions, so that I understood the answer. They have been very helpful to me. Ms. Sharon has also been great. I really appreciate the timely manner in which this case was settled. Thank all of you and your staff for the pleasant way this matter was handled.” – Cheryl N.

“The firm did their best to settle my case in a fair & courteous way.” – Janice V.

“This is what attorneys are suppose to do. Have their clients best interest at all times & the firm did that.”—Darrell B.

“Made a difficult situation much easier to go thru.”– Cherry H.

“Would recommend Sean Fagan to anyone! Mandy was very patient with me, for which I am grateful.”– Robert A.

“They were very caring people. Everyone did a great job for me.”– Briley R.

“Love ya’ll. Wouldn’t use no one else!”– James C.

“Would definitely refer clients here!”– Carolyn S.

“The firm was wonderful. They took good care of me and helped greatly.”— Jessica W.

“All was explained in laymen terms. I was confident and pleased with all transactions.”– Wilbur L.

“Treated respectfully and professionally.”– Sharon S.

“…bragged on Locke for caring so much about us. He is not just our attorney, he is a friend.” — Mike W.

“More than excellent. Mandy and the firm fully met my needs. I am totally satisfied.” —Yvette S.

“It was truly a wonderful experience. Very satisfied.” —Delky O.

“The firm is awesome! I was very satisfied with the professionalism and prompt responses to my concerns.” —Ernecia G.

“I appreciate the time Sean took with me and treated me like a person not just a paying client. I feel he becomes more like a friend and believe Sean to be honest.” —Sylvia W.

“I never felt rushed when meeting with the firm and they made me feel my case was important to them. Christopher G.

Good experience. Would return for future cases.” —Rhondalyn A.

“Great Job! Thank you all!!!” —Leslie L.

“Great people. Thank you.” —Emad A.

“They are the best ever and a blessing to me and my family.” —Detrich B.

“I couldn’t expect more.” —Seth C.

“Always very patient, informative and openly honest! Its old school, to have people who concern themselves with more than ‘Business’.” –Michael G.

“From the moment I called I was treated very well. I appreciate the fact that it didn’t feel all business.” —Brandi W.

“Great! Helped us with all questions & guided us through the case. Will definitely come back (if needed).” —Whitney A.

“Thank you Sean for all your help throughout this long and life changing event.” –-Caleb F.

“Couldn’t have found anybody better. Was more than I expected. I would definitely use this firm again and recommend them to anybody.” —April B.

“Staff was kind, considerate, patient and very professional.” —Carolyn D.

“Excellent Law Firm.” —Gloria D.

“Sean was wonderful and understood our needs. He is very good at relating to people.
We are fully satisfied with everything & everyone. We will never forget your dedication and hard work.” –-Shannon C.

“Everyone was courteous and professional. Thank you for taking such good care
of me!” —Rhondalyn A.

“Thanks a lot, me and my family appreciate it.” — Casetha T.

“The service was perfect.” — Christine B.

“Very helpful & supportive.” — Bryan D.

“Everyone was so polite & informative.” — Leslie B.

“This Law Firm is the Best.” — Janice S.

“I had a great experience and everything was handled professionally.” — John T.

“If something happens in the future, I plan to come back.” — Samer H.

“Job well done.” — Keithan W.

“You did a wonderful job. Keep it up. We are very pleased.” —Carrie D.

“I would say it was a good experience.” —Blake H.

“Great Job.” —Rita D.

“Great.” —Edgar C.

“Excellent.” —Donald D.

“I will recommend this firm to anybody. They were very trustworthy!” — Rose E.

“Very pleased with the outcome and am truly grateful to you all.” — Josheph F.

“They gave me their word and they did not let me down. This goes a long way!” — Darlene T. 

“I was awarded more than I expected!” — Josh T. 

“They were very relatable and made me feel at home.” — Shelby B.

“It was my first time experience and it was great! They stuck to their word and never let me down.” — D. Edwards

“The staff was welcoming and they felt like family!” — Melissa M.

“Everything was Great. They did an awesome job!” — S. T.

“They were great! They responded timely, were very polite and and very trustworthy.” — Mark R. 

“They are very good!” — Barbara M. 

“I loved my experience!” — Tonea F. 

“Honestly, they could not have served me better. You all are number 1. Thank you for all your support and kindness. I greatly appreciated everyone and everything they did for me.” — Ashley R. 

“They were very helpful and respectful and they got me more than I thought I would get!” — Mya J. 

“My experience was wonderful.” — E. Ringo

“The staff was very nice and did a very good job.” — Linda B. 

“They got me more than I expected!” — Josh T. 

” They could not have served me any better. Everything was great!” — D. Edwards

“It was my first time ever having to deal with an attorney and it was a pleasure to work with them. My family and I always felt very comfortable!” — Maya T.

“The firm was first rate!” – J. 

“My experience was excellent!” — Adrianne V. 

“They were very patient, good, and professional with me. They answered all my calls and questions and I would recommended them to anyone.” — Johnny B. 

“They were courteous, timely, and I recommend them!” — Mark S. 

“It felt like we were friends, not just clients or the next case.” — J. & M. Clark

“I would trust them with my life. Most thoughtful attorneys.” — Connie M. 

“My experience was great! They explained everything and treated a small case with concern and respect.” – Elisa T.

“Great experience! Every person I spoke with was courteous and helpful. They were very compassionate and empathetic.” — Debi T. 

“Great experience! We were treated like friends and family. Truly a wonderful staff!” — Mike W. 

“They were great! I would recommend them to others.” — Lakeisha H. 

“The overall experience was great. My lawyer understood me and what I had been through. I will tell everyone that you all are the best!” — Dimitrius C. 

“Very nice experience!” — Verdell A. 

“I could not have asked for anything more!” — Gill

“Excellent experience. Everyone was very professional and down to earth!” — James C. 

“The attorneys are extremely good at what they do. It was comforting to know I was in such experienced and empathetic hands.” — Cheryl N. 

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