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Dangerous Products Equipment


Baton Rouge Lawyers with Defective Product Case Experience


Some of the most intensive media coverage of civil litigation centers on dangerous and defective products — and the manufacturers that may have liability for the injuries and illnesses those products have caused. In recent years, prominent multimillion-dollar cases have been initiated over prescription and over-the-counter drugs, defective auto parts, and a range of other products deemed responsible for consumers’ deaths and serious illnesses or injuries.

At Locke Meredith, Sean Fagan & Associates Injury Attorneys, we have the experience to assess your legal options if you have been harmed by a dangerous product. Our capacity for proving liability and maximizing recoveries is widely respected. To discuss the specifics of your case, please call 800-479-9223 or send us an e-mail and we will respond.

Equipped to Assess and Pursue Complex Cases Against Powerful Adversaries

Although you may have very strong, valid beliefs about the product that caused your injuries — or the wrongful death of a family member — an attorney with relevant experience can offer a confident assessment of your likelihood of success in taking legal action.

We have a wealth of experience taking on large companies and other powerful adversaries for our valued clients. For example, we have achieved multimillion-dollar verdicts and settlements in cases of chemical exposure and on-the-job injuries. Among the product liability matters we consider are those involving:

  • Defective industrial equipment, often involving insufficient safety precautions and guards against misuse

  • Automobile design and component defects, such as undue rollover susceptibility or malfunctioning airbags

Legal and Investigative Skills You Can Trust

Product liability is a complex area of the law, and proper assessment of your case may involve extensive investigation by engineers and industry-specific experts. Our respected, resource-backed Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the law firm is able to tap a nationwide network of qualified professionals for this type of work, along with our local network of medical professionals and others prepared to help document the extent of injuries and financial impact on you.

You do not have to consider the financial risk or worry about more pressure when you choose to contact us since we will offer honest guidance and take on your case only if the facts and our experience indicate our efforts can benefit you. You will owe no attorney fees or expenses unless and until the matter is settled to your satisfaction or decided favorably for you in court.


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