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Car accident

Car Accident


Baton Rouge Accident Lawyers Taking Legal Action to Help Victims

Car, motorcycle, and trucking accidents are among the most common causes of serious injuries and tragic fatalities throughout greater Baton Rouge parish and surrounding Louisiana areas. Our practice has long reflected this reality.

If you or your family must cope with the aftermath of a car accident or other Baton Rouge auto accident caused by someone’s negligence, please contact our respected, accomplished law firm today. We help victims injured on I-10, I-12, I-55, and other major roads and highways throughout the Baton Rouge area.

Successful History Handling Auto Accident Cases

Our experienced Baton Rouge car accident lawyers’ track record of success in serious injury cases has been built through a clear ability to prove liability and maximize the value of those cases. Our recoveries in serious and fatal car crash cases have included:

  • A jury verdict awarding a Walker resident well over $15 million for traumatic brain injury and other injuries he suffered in a rear-end accident involving an 18-wheeler.

  • A $1.25 million settlement for a woman who suffered brain damage and spinal injury as a pedestrian struck by a speeding and inattentive driver.

  • Successful recoveries in drunk driving accident cases and others involving uninsured or underinsured motorists.

  • Successful recoveries for clients suffering from whiplash dislocated shoulders, and other overlooked car accident injuries.

  • Successful recoveries that amount to over $200,000,000 for our clients over our firm's 35+ years of litigating cases. 

What Type of damages can I recover from my car accident?

Victims of car accidents have the right to recover from their injuries. Especially injuries from another driver’s fault, recklessness, or inattention. The injured victim may be able to recover compensation for the following types of damages from the wrongdoer:


When you're injured in a car accident, medical bills will start to accumulate. However, with the right attorney, you may be able to recover medical costs, both past, and future, including:

  • Ambulance bills

  • Emergency room treatment

  • Medications

  • Hospitalization

  • Inpatient therapy and Outpatient therapy

  • Future medical treatment, including surgery 



As a result of your auto accident, you may not be able to work for a period of time. If your accident is severe enough, you may not be able to return to your former job, or you may not return at the same capacity for work. However, you may be able to recover lost wages and future lost wages as a result of your case.  These damages are often classified as lost wages and lost earning capacity.  The attorneys at Locke Meredith, Sean Fagan & Associates can assist you in navigating the recovery of these types of damages.  


Car accidents don't just lead to lost income. They can also lead to physical and emotional pain. These are call "general damages." Damages for pain and suffering in an auto accident case include compensation to a person for simply having to “live with” or “deal with” physical and emotional pain that you would not have had to endure but for the auto accident.  You can not show a piece of paper or document to prove or measure the amount of pain and suffering you went through due to the accident.  The level of pain and suffering is specific to you, and you are the only one who can describe the level of pain and suffering because of an auto accident.  It will be your lawyer’s job to demonstrate to the insurance company, judge, or jury the length of pain, the severity of the pain, and how the pain from the auto accident affected your life.  


Injuries, pain and suffering, and lost income can take a toll on the accident victims. When an accident prevents you from enjoying the life you deserve, you can recover damages for loss of enjoyment of life. Most victims try to go about their daily lives without complaining to others, but inevitably the accident injuries and pain take a toll on their lives moving forward. Unfortunately, for some, this loss of enjoyment of life manifests itself in the victim's daily life and is only seen by those closest to the victim. Our lawyers can assist you in figuring out those activities that you were able to do before the accident that you can either no longer do or struggle to do post-accident. 



You may also be able to recover damages related to scarring and disfigurement. In some situations, a car accident victim may recover punitive damages. Punitive damages exist to punish the wrongdoer on behalf of the injured victim. These damages are usually associated with drunk or impaired drivers that cause an accident.

Common Types of Motor Vehicle Accidents


Our car accident attorneys represent clients involved in several types of auto wrecks. Some of the most common types of accidents are:

  • Rear-end collisions

  • Distracted driving

  • Speeding

  • Drunk-driving

  • Failure to yield the right of way

  • Defective equipment in cars

  • Unmaintained roads

  • Road rage or aggressive driving


What do I do if I am involved in an auto accident?


If you're in an accident, you should always speak with a car accident attorney. There are many reasons for this. Because of the statute of limitations (time to file a law suit), it's essential to file your claim immediately. If a lawsuit is not filed timely, your claim may be lost forever. Louisiana’s period for filing a lawsuit for most car accident cases only lasts a year after the accident. Contact a car accident attorney at Locke Meredith, Sean Fagan & Associates to discuss your case immediately.

Often, you must have a thorough, professional investigation of the automobile accident. Yet, many people do not think of personal injury attorneys as investigators. This is one of the most important parts of our job.

Your investigation is easier when it starts as soon as possible after your auto accident. Typically the facts and evidence is lost or becomes far more difficult to obtain the longer you wait. Locke Meredith, Sean Fagan & Associates' car accident attorneys can conduct detailed investigations. This means we need to get as much information as possible, as soon as possible.

How Our Investigations Work


Every accident is unique. As a result, every investigation will depend on the specific details of the wreck in question, but some common elements tend to arise in car accident investigations.

Our car accident attorneys will look into your accident by:

  • Examine physical evidence, such as tire marks on the road or damage to the vehicles

  • Analyze the surrounding area for businesses or facilities that may have video cameras

  • Speak to witnesses, including the police department that investigated the accident

  • Obtain as much information on pertinent parties and witnesses as legally possible

  • Pour over the documentation generated by your accident, including medical and police reports

  • Begin the claims process with the insurance company

  • Attempt to preserve any and all relevant evidence

  • Research and analyze all available insurance policies 

  • Examine GPS data from relevant vehicles

Trusted, Full-Service Counsel From Day One Through Resolution of Your Case

If our experience indicates you have a valid auto accident claim, we will take the steps necessary to:

  • Build the best case possible to prove negligence on the part of the at-fault driver, the manufacturer of your vehicle or a defective product, or another liable party

  • Identify all applicable insurance coverage and other potential sources of financial recovery for you

  • Document all medical facts and findings relevant to your diagnosis, prognosis, and recovery — and aggressively quantify their immediate and long-term costs

  • Help you set realistic expectations regarding the amount you could recover and how long the process may take


Louisiana has some highly specific laws when it comes to driving, auto collisions, and liability insurance. For example, a “no pay, no play” statute makes anyone driving without required liability insurance personally responsible for the first $15,000 in injury costs and $25,000 in property damage — whoever was at fault, and whatever the exact circumstances.

Factors like this — along with the imposing challenge of dealing with insurance companies focused on minimizing payouts and preserving profits — make it essential to work with a lawyer who knows Louisiana law, understands insurance procedure in-depth, and will pursue all angles.

Contact our Baton Rouge car accident lawyers today to discuss your car accident claim. We offer a free, personal, and thorough consultation to discuss your legal options.


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