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Baton Rouge Personal Injury Attorneys

Baton Rouge, Louisiana Wrongful Death Lawyers and Injury Attorneys- Decades of Quality Legal Advocacy

After an accident, you must focus on physical and emotional recovery. Dealing with other parts of the aftermath — including any battles with insurance companies for the compensation you deserve — simply does not support that recovery. At the law firm of Locke Meredith, Sean Fagan & Corey Orgeron, APLC, we know your ordeal can be overwhelming, and we can help.

When someone's negligent or reckless actions change your life, you should not have to take on added financial risk and worry to get the money you deserve. Relieving those burdens to the greatest possible extent, as soon as possible, is the mission of our Baton Rouge personal injury lawyers. Contact our law firm today for a free initial consultation.

Skill, Professionalism and Passion That Benefits Louisiana Families

We have won sizable verdicts and settlements for victims of car accidents, as well as trucking and motorcycle accidents on greater Baton Rouge area roadways. We pursue maximum compensation on behalf of workers injured in our factories and on construction sites, and people hurt or killed offshore on the Mississippi River, Lake Ponchartrain, and the gulf. We hold manufacturers responsible for defective products.

Led by widely respected, 25 years attorney Locke Meredith — whom you may know from television's Legal Lines and coverage of our cases in the news — we have handled wrongful death litigation and advocacy for victims of the most severe types of personal injury, such as:

Our dedicated legal team is united in considering it an honor and privilege to serve individuals and families in need. We are professional in appearance, approach and performance — but we also bring passion and empathy into each case. Our reputation for integrity, and relationships with quality medical experts and investigators, are additional key assets for our clients.

The No-Risk, Results-Driven Counsel You Need Today

If you need to know your legal options after a serious accident — or you have other pressing concerns involving workers' compensation or a denied Social Security Disability claim — please contact our attorneys now. We provide free and thorough consultations and case evaluations. You will pay no attorney fees unless we take your case and win compensation for you.

Answers to Legal Questions about Injury & Accident Law


1st Circuit Court of Appeal Judge Jeff Hughes discusses
1st Circuit Court of Appeal Judge, Jeff Hughes discusses:
The Power of the Louisiana Supreme Court
19th Judicial District Court Judge Tim Kelley discusses 19th Judicial District Court Judge, Tim Kelley, discusses:
The difference between District Court and the Supreme Court
Wilson Fields 19th Judicial District Court, Wilson Fields, discusses:
Role of Civil Judge vs. Criminal Judge
1st Circuit Court of Appeal Judge Jewel Duke Welch discusses 1st Circuit Court of Appeal Judge, Jewel "Duke" Welch, discusses:
The Power of the Louisiana Supreme Court
Antony Marabella Anthony Marabella, Judge, 19th Judicial District Court, discusses:
The Drug Court's Success Rate
Freddie Pitcher Southern University Law Center Chancellor & Retired Judge, Freddie Pitcher, Jr., discusses:
Improvements to the Southern Law School
Tim Kelley 19th Judicial District Court, Tim Kelley, discusses:
The Differences Between Trial Courts & the Court of Appeals
Duke Welch 1st Circuit Court of Appeal Judge, Jewel "Duke" Welch discusses:
The Differences Between Trial Courts & the Court of Appeals
Kitty Kimball Chief Justice of the Louisiana Supreme Court, Kitty Kimball, discusses:
How the Louisiana Supreme Court Works


Sean Fagan Sean Fagan discusses:
• Hiring an Attorney & Personal Injury claims
• Auto Accidents & Workers Compensation
Locke Meredith Locke Meredith discusses:
Steps to Take Following an Auto Accident
Sheriff Video Locke Meredith discusses:
Social Security & Disability Claims
John Perry John Perry discusses:
Mediation & Settlements


Darryl Peterson Doctor Daryl Peterson discusses:
Orthopedic & Hand Injuries
Allen Johnston Doctor Allen Johnston discusses:
Orthopedic Treatment for Injuries to the Neck, Back, Shoulder, & Knee
Ned Martello Ned Martello, DC, discusses:
The Process of Chiropractic Treatment
Jason Greene Physical Therapist, Jason Greene discusses:
Physical Therapy Treatments

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*No more than 5 percent of the lawyers in the state are selected by Super Lawyers.

Locke Meredith Jr., Leading Plaintiff Lawyers in America, Law Dragon - Winter 2007
Locke Meredith Jr., Top Attorneys in Louisiana, St. Charles Avenue Magazine - January 2010

WON** | $19.4 Million* Brain Damage Injury | $16.4 Million* Chemical Exposure Injury | $11.2 Million+ Brain Damage Injury | $10.5 Million+ Insurance Bad Faith | $7.2 Million* Medical Malpractice | $6.9 Million* Brain Damage Injury | $3.0 Million* Chemical Lung Damage | $2.0 Million+ Brain & Spine Injury | $1.75 Million+ Jones Act / Ship Injury | $1.75 Million+ Severe Leg Damage |$1.6 Million+ Spine & Disc Injury | $1.4 Million* Brain Damage & Disc Injury | $1.4 Million+ Chemical Exposure Injury | $1.35 Million+ Spine & Disc Injury | $1.32 Million+ Spine & Disc Injury | $1.25 Million+ Spine & Disc Injury | $1.08 Million+ Brain Damage & Disc Injury - *Judgement, includes legal interest + Settlements **Since each case is unique, similar results cannot be guaranteed

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