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Pursuit of a just financial recovery after a wrongful death in your family calls for an attorney who balances empathy, sensitivity and patience with assertive, skilled action. Please contact us today for a free consultation with a lawyer who will care about you personally and be prepared to fight for your future.

At Locke Meredith, Sean Fagan & Associates Injury Attorneys, we have represented widowed spouses, parents, and children, delivering all-out effort and the investment required to seek maximum compensation. Our ultimate mission in any wrongful death case is to help you carry on in a world made much more challenging by a devastating loss.

A Longstanding, Proven Resource for Victims of Tragic Accidents

Our experience extends across many types of catastrophic events caused by someone’s negligence or misconduct, from fatal auto wrecks to on-the-job accidents, boating and offshore accidents, medical malpractice and a helicopter crash. We have also achieved positive outcomes when brain damage or a disabling spinal or back injury required lifelong care and rehabilitation.

Honest, Dependable Case Evaluation Based on Decades of Experience

Louisiana law allows the personal representative of a deceased person’s estate — generally an immediate family member — to file a wrongful death suit. The main standard for determining compensation is calculation of financial or “pecuniary” damages — including medical and funeral expenses, lost income and support, and loss of a prospective inheritance.

If evidence indicates your loved one was killed immediately in an accident, we will focus solely on the wrongful death cause of action. In other situations — such as death after pain and suffering, we can also pursue a survival cause of action that could increase your settlement. We have access to many top-quality investigators and experts in various technical fields that may be relevant to your case.

We take time to gain insight into the true financial and emotional impact of any wrongful death. Compassionate people as well as proven lawyers, we will focus on understanding and showing the closeness of your relationships as well as quantifying your loss.

Wrongful Death Lawyer

If you choose to contact our firm, you will not have to hide your sadness and concern about the future. Our caring legal team aims to take care of financial and legal matters so that you can focus on your family. We charge no attorney fees unless you win compensation.