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Louisiana Workers Comp Lawyers Pursuing All Legal Options After Your Work Accident

Our lawyers understand Louisiana workers’ compensation insurance laws and procedures, and we have handled a wide range of claims successfully. A greater strength of our experienced Baton Rouge attorneys, however, is investigation of on-the-job accidents and adverse conditions to determine if a lawsuit against a third party — someone other than your employer — is warranted.

If you have been seriously injured on the job — by unsafe or poorly maintained equipment, for example, or in an industrial accident — we encourage you to contact us for a free consultation and case evaluation. We will treat you with compassion and strive to offer solid legal guidance gained through decades of experience.

Workers’ Compensation May Not Be Your Only Source of Financial Recovery

In a wide range of construction site, manufacturing plant and other work environments, numerous companies other than a worker’s “statutory employer” may have a major impact on safety and risk factors. We bring this awareness to each discussion with a client who is uncertain whether legal action other than a workers’ compensation claim might be appropriate.
We strive for what is just and achievable under the law, fully recognizing that money cannot replace the love of a family member lost in a wrongful death or erase the trauma of having been seriously hurt in a work accident. However, our efforts on your behalf may help you:

  • Pay medical bills and many expenses associated with physical recovery and needed rehabilitation
  • Replace wages and income lost due to your inability to work or a loved one’s disabling injury or wrongful death, enabling you and your family members to move forward with a less severe financial burden
  • Begin to put anger and emotional pain behind you and regain peace of mind

Proven Resources Focused on the Facts and a Positive Outcome

Working with a range of investigators, industry-specific experts, rehabilitation specialists and economic professionals, we work to hold those truly liable for your injuries accountable and position your case for a financially significant outcome in your favor.

Insurance companies and defense attorneys throughout Louisiana are aware of our personal injury litigation track record, as well our reputation for integrity. In many situations, solid case preparation and willingness to go the distance proves a tremendous asset for our clients. To discuss your on-the-job injury and whether you may have a claim worth more than workers’ compensation can provide, please contact us now.   Our Baton Rouge attorneys are experts at workers compensation law.

Workers Compensation Lawyer