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With summer on the horizon, temperatures are rising and motorcycle enthusiasts are hitting Louisiana’s highways. Riding is a great way to enjoy a beautiful day either alone or with fellow bikers.

While enjoying the scenic byways of Louisiana, it is imperative that motorcyclists drive safely, pay attention on the roads and do their parts in avoiding dangerous situations. With an increased number of motorcyclists on the road, other drivers are called upon to increase their awareness of their two-wheeled fellow drivers.


Tips for Motorcyclists

Most motorcyclists have undergone specific training and are familiar with safe driving practices. For newer riders, it is important to complete a safety course and get up to speed on accident-avoidance practices. Experienced riders should hone their skills often and practice safety techniques always; you can never be overprepared!

Riders should always wear appropriate riding gear like helmets, jackets, gloves and eye protection. Their clothing should be reflective for night rides, with bright colors to catch other drivers’ attention during the day.

Never operate motorcycles under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or if sleep deprived. Good driving is defensive driving, especially for hard-to-see motorcycles.


Tips for Auto and Truck Drivers

Most motorcycle accidents are fairly straight forward: a car runs a red light or an 18-wheeler switches lanes without seeing the motorcycle. Other drivers should appreciate that motorcycles are smaller and more vulnerable, so the chances of serious injury to their drivers are enhanced if struck by vehicles with four or more wheels.

Drivers should give motorcycles more space than they do larger vehicles. Car drivers should stay alert, and check rearview mirrors, side mirrors and blind spots often for bikes changing lanes or turning at intersections. Practicing these habits now can prepare drivers to safely share the roadways with increasing numbers of motorcyclists as summer progresses.


Protect Your Legal Rights in an Accident

Cases involving motorcycle injuries and multiple-vehicle wrecks are often complex; it is critical that action be taken immediately to preserve the evidence. This can be difficult, especially considering that multiple-vehicle crashes often take place on busy highways and interstates; evidence may be cleaned up quickly.

To protect your rights, you should consult with a personal injury lawyer immediately following an accident. Any delay may result in damaging your chance for a just recovery.

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