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Social Security


Louisiana Denied SSDI Claim Lawyers

At Locke Meredith, Sean Fagan & Associates Injury Attorneys, we understand how intimidating and complex the process of applying for Social Security Disability benefits can be. Our Baton Rouge, Louisiana, firm has proven attorneys on hand to look at every angle of your need for support — and we understand your frustration if you feel you’ve done all that was required to receive government benefits to which you are entitled.

The reality is this: a very high percentage of Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) claims are initially denied, for a variety of reasons. Please contact us if your valid claim has been denied. You may have skipped something on the application, failed to translate your illness or injury in a way that “fits” the listing of impairments, or made another understandable mistake. Our Baton Rouge Social Security Disability claim lawyers can help.


Disability Lawyer

We Want the Best Possible Outcome for You and Your Family

We are well prepared to help you succeed with your Social Security Disability claim if:

  • You have received a denial of your initial application based on a technicality that we can quickly work to identify and resolve
  • You need to appeal a decision and provide additional information about your illness or injury and how it fits into the Social Security Administration’s list of impairments
  • You are facing the final stage in this process — an appeal before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) — and need help with preparation

Any attorney who handles your Social Security Disability claim or Social Security Disability appeal is bound by laws governing how much that lawyer can make in the case. This is a percentage of “back-due” benefits and subject to a cap of a few thousand dollars. Our firm is truly here to help you get the benefits you need and deserve.

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Why not engage the best law firm you can find to handle this situation? You may know Locke Meredith from Legal Lines and other prominent appearances, and if you’ve listened, you know our firm has been very successful across a range of practice areas. We are a straight-shooting, honest-talking law firm that only acts in your best interests.

We welcome your call about a Social Security claim for SSDI or SSI benefits. For a free consultation focused on your unique circumstances and needs, please call or e-mail our firm now.