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Press Release: Legal Lines with Lock Meredith

Randy Hayden

Show # 26

Attorney Locke Meredith and political activist, Randy Hayden, discuss political issues in Louisiana today.  Randy Hayden has served as a jury consultant, a campaign manager, and as a lobbyist.


The powerful position of Louisiana governor is mentioned as well Hayden’s approval of Senator Jay Dardenne’s votes thus far.  Hayden mentions how Louisiana ranks last in many categories nationally, and that something needs to be done about this.   When reform Governors like Buddy Roemer come in and actually make change happen, they only last one term, says Hayden.  Unions and interest groups are who he blames for this.  Hayden also believes that the common man, the taxpayer, needs to be informed as to who he/she is voting for into office, and that is why he has taken a role as campaigning.

Next Hayden discusses his role as campaign manager.  Radio, TV, newspaper, direct mail, and speech writing are things he is involved in.  Planning strategy and reaching voters is his goal.  Hayden makes a strong case that interest groups are not out there buying candidates, but instead are supporting candidates who they already agree with.

Hayden and Meredith next discuss the key issues Louisiana faces now.  Natural resources, the Mississippi River, hard working people, and a great agricultural climate all are positive things Louisiana has, while Hayden says, “ I think it is politics that is keeping us from rising above where we are at.”  Hayden refers to Edwin Edwards’ leadership toward populist politics as one negative form of political leadership.

Meredith then asks Hayden about his role as a lobbyist.  Hayden explains that as a lobbyist, he gives accountability to the system, providing the public with information on the important issues in our complex society.