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Louisiana Lawyers for Bike Crash and Motorcycle Accident Victims Injured on I10, I12, I55 and I12

Most people who ride motorcycles are very conscious of their added physical exposure and risk in an accident, and the importance of driving safely and defensively. Still, other drivers often claim they simply could not see the motorcycle they hit, or that sudden maneuvers by the cyclist caused the accident.

Please contact us now to discuss your recent motorcycle accident in the greater Baton Rouge area or elsewhere in Louisiana. Our personal injury attorneys, with the aid of savvy, experienced investigators and medical professionals, are well prepared to advocate for you. If you are grieving for a family member after a fatal motorcycle accident, we are committed to providing compassion as well as sound legal guidance and action regarding a wrongful death lawsuit.

Serious, Respected Attorneys for Severe Injury Cases

For obvious reasons, motorcycle collisions with larger vehicles can be especially traumatic, and proper medical diagnosis and treatment sometimes requires patience and diligence. Our firm is a proven resource for people with life-changing injuries that reduce capacity permanently and may require years of recovery time, costly rehabilitation, or even lifelong special care, including:

We have dealt with motorcycle accident cases in which the extent of victims’ multiple injuries were not immediately apparent. In one case, for example, an extremely painful broken leg “masked” a severe back injury, and only once the leg was set did the victim become aware that something else was seriously wrong. Our firm is dedicated to balancing fast, decisive action with an all-out effort to make sure you are fully compensated for all injuries.

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We are familiar with the nuances of motorcycle insurance and specific laws governing liability and compensation. Our attorneys know how to deal with complexities such as “comparative fault” arguments by insurers, involving helmet use or special claims about the cause of the accident.

To consult free with a lawyer known for negotiating skill and courtroom capabilities, contact us at Locke Meredith, Sean Fagan & Associates Injury Attorneys, today. You will pay no attorney fees unless we take your case and recover compensation for you.


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