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Attorneys Equipped to Deal with a Louisiana Helicopter Crash

Are you coping with serious injuries from a helicopter crash? Are you mourning the loss of a family member killed in a fatal crash and seeking answers about what happened and who was responsible?

Relatively few personal injury law firms have experience in this complex area. We are one of those few, having led the investigation and filed multiple suits in a helicopter crash case originating in Lafayette. To tap our attorneys’ experience and determine whether you have legal options for seeking financial compensation, please contact us now.

A Personal, Engaged Approach Backed by Extensive Resources

Initially, you may be struck by our respected Baton Rouge law firm’s highly personal, caring approach — which reflects the philosophy and personal style of founding attorney Locke Meredith. If we are able to pursue your case, you may benefit from our:

  • Access to experienced helicopter pilots and other aviation experts who can play key roles in investigating and analyzing the crash — accounting for factors such as specific aircraft capabilities, helicopter risk factors, pilot experience, possible errors, and engine mechanics
  • Knowledge of factors to explore and parties who may have contributed to the accident — based on the results of a thorough investigation
  • Experience combating “comparative fault” defenses insurance companies use to avoid or spread out liability
  • Track record of success and reputation for integrity among court officials and other lawyers throughout Louisiana and beyond
  • Proven ability to handle litigation arising from a wrongful death or the most serious personal injuries, including any level of head injury or brain damage, disabling spinal and back injuries, and burn injuries

For Caring, Practical Legal Counsel, Call 800-479-9223

Whether the helicopter crash that impacted your life occurred on the job or in a private endeavor, and whether your involvement was as an injured passenger, pilot, someone on the ground, or the family of a wrongful death victim, we are prepared to discuss your needs with insight and sensitivity.

We offer a free consultation, and you will owe no attorney fees unless we take your case and recover compensation for you.