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Press Release: Legal Lines with Locke Meredith

Jason Green

Show # 58

Attorney Locke Meredith discusses with Physical Therapist, Jeff Green, the role of a Physical Therapist and their communication with a doctor regarding an injured patient.

The first thing a PT does is hear the patients symptoms, do an evaluation, and come up with a treatment plan. This plan generally involves stretching and strengthening the injured body part.  It is important that the patient increases their range of motion in order to stretch and move the joints.  This prevents future injury.  Besides exercises, PTs use modalities, which are instruments used to help the body heal.  Commonly this is in the form of electrical stimulation.   An ultrasound may be used to increase blood flow, and thus healing, to an area.  Time spent in physical therapy may range from two to up to six or eight weeks.

Green next discusses the difference between Physical Therapists and Chiropractors.  He suggests the main difference is theoretical, and also that Chiropractors perform more high velocity joint manipulations than Physical Therapists.  Physical Therapists communicate with physicians about patients, especially in the case of unusual pain with their patients.  This communication may be in the form of written reports or time on the phone.  Mr. Green stressed the importance of communicating with all physicians treating each of his patients.