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Baton Rouge Car Crash Injury Lawyer Helping Victims Injured on I10, I12, I55 and I12

A fatal or injury-causing accident that involves drunk or “drugged” driving can be especially difficult to cope with and recover from emotionally. A driver who breaks the law and ignores the safety of others is impossible for many of us to understand or forgive — and yet it happens all too often.
If you or a family member has been injured by someone’s recklessness in a drunk driving accident, seeing that driver punished may be important to you. Even more important may be obtaining money you need to pay medical expenses and replace lost income, or to help your family carry on after a wrongful death. To consult free with a proven Baton Rouge personal injury lawyer, contact us today.

Resourceful in Proving Liability and Pursuing All Those Liable for Damages

Drunk driving accident cases call for an attorney with the experience to:

  • Thoroughly review and document any DUI/DWI charges or other criminal activity on the part of the offending driver — to conclusively show liability for your accident and determine whether this information can be used to benefit you in negotiations or litigation
  • Locate all insurance coverage and other potential sources of recovery for you after such a tragic, inexplicable car crash or motorcycle accident
  • Aggressively pursue a lawsuit against a bar, restaurant, or individual who may have unlawfully served alcohol to a minor or over-served the driver who caused your accident
  • Deal with any complexities of your case, including your own insurance coverage and other factors if the intoxicated driver was also an uninsured or underinsured motorist

An Extensive Legal and Investigative Team for Your Case

As in all our personal injury cases, we will call on quality experts as necessary to investigate your drunk driving accident case and offer findings and testimony. We also have a network of medical professionals in various specialties, life care planners, and others prepared to help us assemble the best possible case for maximum compensation.

We are skilled and aggressive when pushing insurers, trucking companies, or others liable for your damages to offer a prompt, sizable settlement in cases that can be complex and costly to defend. If an insurer acts in bad faith — by refusing to acknowledge your reasonable claim or applicable coverage — we know the best action to take on your behalf.

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