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Louisiana Lawyers Holding Companies Accountable for Chemical Exposure

Over the past 25 years, our law firm’s strong reputation has been built through a highly personal, comprehensive approach to serving people in times of great adversity. In addition to our advocacy for individuals and families after accidents, we have become a go-to resource in Louisiana when negligent companies harm or endanger large groups of people.

If you are suffering from mesothelioma, another asbestos-related disease, or other ill effects of chemical exposure — or you are a citizen or fellow attorney aware of a possible toxic tort case you believe should be pursued — please contact us at Locke Meredith, Sean Fagan & Associates Injury Attorneys, now.

Successful Experience in High-Stakes Chemical Exposure Litigation

Well over 10 years of intensive research and litigation went into our founding attorney Locke Meredith’s victory, with co-counsel, over a coalition of the world’s largest petroleum products companies, resulting in an $8.2 million jury verdict for a man who sustained lung damage from breathing harmful emissions on a Superfund hazardous waste site in north Baton Rouge.
This is one of numerous multimillion-dollar outcomes our firm has achieved for our clients over the years, especially notable for the complexity of the case and the wealth of resources available to the defendants. Our formidable team’s skills and network of resources enable actions such as:

  • Calling on qualified experts across a vast range of technical, scientific, medical and environmental issues
  • Efficient management of a high volume of evidence in many forms
  • Thorough documentation and substantiation of illness and injuries resulting from corporate negligence

Injury or Illness Caused by Corporate Negligence? We Respond.

Our legal team is qualified to assess your legal options after an industrial accident or the diagnosis of an illness you believe is related to chemical exposure you were not properly warned about. Asbestos disease is a widely known example, but we have the resources to pursue many other valid claims, however challenging.

If we take on your case, that means our experience indicates you deserve compensation under the law. We put on a full-court press for information and points of leverage that can lead to an acceptable settlement or — if necessary — a successful fight in court. If this sounds like the approach you want from your lawyer, please call and request a free consultation.

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